Malaysia and Thailand - Christmas 2009

3 February 2010

We spent our Christmas and new year in Malaysia and Thailand. We travelled by train, stopping at KL on the way through then spending a few days in Hat Yai before heading to Koh Bulon Leh on the west side of Thailand.

While at Hat Yai we spent time with my old friend Sam, and visited Ren at his temple halfway to Songkla.

Bulon Leh is one of my favourite spots on Earth. Just a lovely place to spend long days busily doing next to nothing. We were all quite sad to leave and return to the real world!

As you’d expect, here’s an album of photos.


An experiment in Google Search

8 September 2015

What would happen if I were to write about the People Suction Party?

Take Care.

Aaron's 1st Birthday!

3 February 2010

Some photos!

AJView image viewer for Mac

25 January 2010

AJView is a simple image viewer for Mac OS 10.5/6. AJView will not modify images.

[Update: I lost the source files for much of this application a year ago. The latest version is a rewrite. Some of the functionality and bugs differ from what’s written below.]


After launching AJView, open a folder via the menu (File => Open Folder…), or by pressing Command-O.

The main options for viewing can be found in the View menu. Other options can be found in the preferences (File => Preferences, or by pressing Command-,).

View options

Key(s) Function
l Lock zoom to current level. The level of zoom will be applied to subsequent images viewed.
w Fit images to the current window. This setting applies until the zoom level is changed.
+ or = Zoom in
- Zoom out
0 View the image at actual size
f Toggle full-screen mode
, or b View the previous image
, or n View the next image
⌘← or ⌘↑ View the first image
⌘→ or ⌘↓ View the last image
r Rotate image clock-wise by 90 degrees (buggy)

Full-screen mode can also be accessed by double-clicking the main or thumbnail images. Double-clicking during full-screen mode also returns the view to a normal window. Full screen mode can also be closed by pressing the Esc or Q keys.

The thumbnail sizes can be controlled by moving the slider bar located below the thumbnails.

Images viewed in the normal window are scrollable if the size/zoom level is larger than the viewing panel. Move two-fingers on the touch-pad to scroll around the image.

AJView attempts to automatically rotate images according to the Orientation meta-data. This works for photos from Nikon cameras, but is untested on other cameras.




  • *Big nasty bug to fix* Full screen mode kills scrolling. Scrolling isn’t available in full-screen mode, and becomes unavailable when returning back to the standard window.
  • Scrolling sometimes jumps on the first image
  • The zoom level is lost during image rotation
  • Transparency is not properly handled

To do

  • Fix big nasty scrolling bug above
  • Add thumb zoom level to preferences
  • Add recursive folder loading to preferences
  • Fix transparency (or remove support for transparent images altogether)
  • Add scrolling indicators
  • Support mouse scrolling
  • Add in-window folder navigation
  • Add pre-fetch mechanism to speed up image viewing
  • Add ‘open with’ function on right-click
  • Add Meta-info panel

Installing AJView

Requires Mac 10.5 Leopard or Mac 10.6 Snow Leopard

Download AJView here. Open the DMG file and drag AJView into your Applications folder.


Automatially: drag the application folder into your favourite application deletion utility, such as AppZapper,

Manually: drag the application folder into the trash. Delete the file com.ajsoftware.AJView.plist found in home_directory/Library/Preferences.

Greasemonkey script to highlight or block comments from specific users on

25 January 2010

Some forum contributors stand out with their eloquent and insightful style.

Some forum contributors drive me up the wall. They write a lot, polluting otherwise interesting threads with off-topic drivel. No matter how hard I try, I still can’t help at least glance at the rubbish in the search of the higher quality posts. One site that I spend too much time on is, and one particular user inspired me to write this script to block them.

This script lets you either highlight comments or hide comments from specific users. The hidden comments are replaced with a button allowing you to reveal the comments (and subsequently to hide them again). The script works in Firefox via the Greasemonkey plugin.

To install the script, download it here., set the User IDs that you wish to hide via that usersToHide variable, and install through Greasemonkey. Enjoy less drivel.

A trip to Australia

14 October 2009

After a lot of stress and effort — we almost didn’t get our visas in time — we made it to Australia as a family for the first time.

The visit was the first for both Aaron and John, who were both excited about the prospect of travelling on a big plane. At least John was; Aaron slept for all but five minutes between the taxi to Changi Airport and waiting for our bags at Tullamarine.

We spent most of our time in Melbourne or nearby, which gave us a lot of time to spend with family. During the trip we also drove up to Albury/Wodonga, to visit the Richardsons, and onwards to Echuca. All-in-all we had a fantastic time, and can’t wait to move back and start our new life in Australia.

As you’d expect, I’ve setup a gallery of photos for the trip.

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